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Emily works from your photographs to create stunning highly detailed graphite pencil portraits of pets and horses, capturing the character and life of the subject.​

Portraits also make the perfect thoughtful gift, whether for a birthday, anniversary, wedding or Christmas.

Examples of her recent work can be found on this page, including here.

Marking out that soft fur on the second

Simply start by selecting some photos of your pet or horse. The Photo Guide here will help you to choose your photos, and give you some tips and what to do if you've only got limited photos available.


Then consider what size portrait you would like. The price list below shows various sizes that you can choose from, but do contact Emily if you have a different size in mind. Emily is always happy to discuss and help you choose if you are unsure.

You can contact Emily using the contact form here or email her at, to discuss your unique pet or equine portrait.

Adding some more detail and tones to Kie
Pet Prices



These sizes are perfect for a single face / head and shoulders portrait

'Miniature portrait' 4 x 4 inches


6 x 8 inches 

8 x 8 inches

The following sizes are suitable for face / head and shoulders portraits or a full body portrait

8 x 10 inches 

12 x 12 inches

12 x 16 inches 

16 x 16 inches

Just a £50 deposit secures your commission slot.


Please add 20% for each additional subject/animal in a piece. 


Prices plus postage and packing. International delivery is available.

Prices may be updated from time to time, however the price of your portrait will be the price that is listed at the time that you pay your deposit to secure your commission slot.

The above prices are for drawings of a subject with no or minimal background. If you would like your piece to have a background too, please let Emily know and she will provide you with a quote for the cost of this.


The balance of the price and the postage and packaging is only payable once your drawing is complete and ready to send to you.​

Pet Photo Guide

This guide will give you some tips on choosing the best photos for your pet portrait.

  • ​As my work is highly detailed, the better the quality of the photo the more detailed and accurate I can make your drawing. Getting a photo which shows the animal's eyes and nose clearly is particularly important. 

  • Ideally photos will be of a high resolution. One good way to tell the quality of your photo is to zoom in and see whether you can see individual strands of fur or feathers.

  • Photos at eye level with the animal are usually best - this will help the portrait look more natural.

  • Think about whether you would like your pet or horse to be looking towards you in the portrait or to be looking away. Either can make a stunning portrait.

  • Bribing your pet or horse with a treat to get them to pose for you can work wonders!

  • Try to ensure that the subject is close in the photo - if it is too far in the distance, it can be difficult to see the detail.

  • Good lighting can really help a photo. Where possible, try to take photos in natural light. And if you can capture the subject with a glint in their eye, this light can really bring the subject to life in the drawing.

  • Feel free to send me more than one photo as we can discuss which would work best for a portrait. As I always aim to capture the character of the subject, a few extra photos or even a video will help to introduce your pet or other animal to me.

Group drawings

If you'd like a group drawing, do not worry if you do not have one photo with all of the subjects in the same photo; I can create a group drawing using several different photos as references.


When Emily starts to create your commission, she will start by working on an outline drawing of your piece and will send that to you to make sure you are happy with progress so far - any adjustments can be made at that stage. After that and once she has started on the detail, due to the nature of graphite pencil, it can be much harder to make any changes.

Please note that as the artist, Emily retains the copyright to all of the artwork she creates unless otherwise agreed. She may therefore use the images on this website, Instagram or as prints, for example. If you would prefer that she did not do this, please do let Emily know at the start of the commission process.


Commission deposits cannot be refunded.

Pet portrait examples
Keira, the Irish terrier, portrait in gr
I’m completely overwhelmed by the respon
The finished portrait of Hurley! Loved l
Nearly there with Fred the Irish terrier
Morning! Here is Lotte’s completed portr
The finished portrait of Milly and Tigge
The finished portrait of Tolkien 🐶💕🌈
The finished portrait of Toby, the Engli
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