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Wildlife Commissions

Emily works from your photographs to create highly detailed graphite pencil portraits of pets, horses, wildlife and farm animals and birds, capturing the character and life of the subject. More examples of her work can be seen in the gallery.

Simply contact Emily on the form below to enquire.

6 x 8 inches (A5)

8 x 8 inches

8 x 10 inches

8 x 12 inches (A4)

12 x 12 inches

12 x 16 inches (A3)

16 x 16 inches


Please add 20% for each additional subject. Other sizes are available. The above prices are for animal/pet and bird portraits. For commissions of other subjects or for portraits in other sizes, do get in touch for a quote.

Just a £50 deposit secures your booking. The balance is only payable once your drawing is complete and ready to send to you.

Prices plus postage and packing.

See further below for more information about commissions and for a guide on providing reference photographs.



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reference photo guide
Reference photo guide

Detailed photos for detailed drawings...

"As my work is highly detailed, the better the quality of the photo the more detailed I can make your drawing. Ideally photos will be of a high resolution and the subject will be close and not too far in the distance. 


One good way to tell the quality of your photo is to zoom in and see whether you can see individual strands of fur or feathers, for example. 


However, sometimes the only photos you have or are able to get aren't of perfect quality, especially if the drawing is going to be a surprise gift or is of a pet or horse that has sadly passed away. This isn't usually a problem though, and we can work together to create the perfect detailed drawing for you."

Lights, camera, action...

"Good lighting can really help a reference photo. Where possible, try to take photos outside in natural light. And if you can capture the subject with a glint in their eye, this light can really bring the subject to life in the drawing."​

The more the merrier...

"Feel free to send me more than one photo as we can discuss which would work best for a portrait. As I always aim to capture the character of the subject, a few extra photos or even a video will help to introduce your pet or other animal to me!

If you'd like a group drawing, do not worry if you do not have one photo with all of the subjects in the same photo; I can create a group drawing using several different photos as references."

Wildlife and countryside subjects...

"If your commission is for a wildlife or other countryside subject, I can either work from any reference photos you may have taken or I can provide reference photos."

other information

Emily's commission book can be full several weeks in advance, but do let her know if you would like your commission for a particular event as she will always try to accommodate this wherever possible.


When Emily starts to create your commission, she will start by working on an outline drawing of your piece and will send that to you to make sure you are happy with progress so far - any adjustments can be made at that stage. After that and once she has started on the detail, due to the nature of graphite pencil, it can be much harder to make any changes.

Please note that as the artist, Emily retains the copyright to all of the artwork she creates unless otherwise agreed. She may therefore use the images on this website, Instagram or as prints, for example. If you would prefer that she did not do this, please do let Emily know at the start of the commission process. Commission deposits cannot be refunded.

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